A Brief History of Body Armor

Contemporary Body Armor

Modern battle suits can be classified into two distinct categories: hard and soft. Hard armour is quite similar to the fact that was worn by knights in battle – it is fundamentally a system of steel or ceramic plates, and is worn by authorities officers and others only if there is a high chance of an attack. Soft armor, one the other side of the coin hand, is well suited for everyday use by those who are in danger of being attacked. Soft battle suits can be worn like clothing, and it is available in a variety of different types, including concealable body armor, and vests that are made to be worn over other clothing. 

Variations in Soft and Hard Body Armor

Because mentioned, hard armor is a system of hard or metal plates. Gentle armor, on the other hand, is a cloth-like material made to capture a bullet and dissipate the impact force by using a netting material across the complete surface of the armor. The most common example of soft body armor is the modern bullet-proof vest worn by most police officers, either beneath or higher their clothing. Hard armor is cumbersome and heavy. Possibly ceramic plates, that happen to be significantly lighter than their metal counterparts, can be heavy if a full suit of armor is worn. Ceramic plates generally consider near six pounds each. It is also heavy, and makes doing things like driving difficult, that is why officers only wear it when there is a specific threat that should be guarded against (such as during riot protection and similar actions).

The Testing Procedure for Body Armor

For any type of battle suits to be certified as bullet resistant (no armour is technically bulletproof), it must undergo rigorous screening by the National Start of Justice and the laboratories. This is especially important for new designs – Kevlar is not the only material used to produce bullet proof vests. There is also Spectra, Twaron, and Gold Cover also known as Yellow metal Flex. All of these different materials have incredible ballistic skills. According to the Domestic Institute of Justus, more than 3000 Police officer’s lives have been kept by wearing their armour and bullet proof jacket since the mid seventies when the N. My spouse and i. J. started testing and developing performance standards for ballistic resistance.

Ballistic-resistant body armor has been extensively available for use by law enforcement personnel for more than 30 years. The dramatic reduction in officer homicides following the introduction of armored jacket attests to the security it provides. This success story extends far further than protection from handguns-more than 3, 000 lives have been spared, including circumstances through which these vest have prevented serious injuries to officers from other types of assaults or injuries. Many of these circumstances have prevented officers from serious injury in car accidents protecting the torso area and protection from side impact accidents. The rigorous testing process ensures that all armor styles and types are totally tested and their resistance from different caliber bullets and various impact velocities is fully known, allowing them to be rated for specific uses.

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