American Preppers Network Website Review With Pros and Cons

From this review of America Preppers Network I will identify: prepper

– What

– What it offers

– Positives and cons

– So why use it

America Preppers Network is a complete online source of everything related to survival. 2 weeks. free site located at americanpreppersnetwork. com. It can a fairly easy to navigate site filled with information from A to Z. The site has almost five-hundred, 000 posts on over 50, 000 survival related topics. It also has numerous appropriate survival related advertisements. I tend to cringe after i hear advertising nonetheless they did a nice job making the advertising useful but not obtrusive. Overall, this is a proper designed, easy to find their way and helpful resource. 

What exactly does American Preppers Network offer?

The site offers an area like oriented people to exchange ideas, best practices and the latest information on everything from A to Z .. For example, if you happen to be enthusiastic about how to harness energy from wind or sun or your considering food updates or the latest on guns for personal defense purposes or food, then this is a terrific source.

Pro & Cons of American Preppers Network:


Easy to get around
Packed with useful information
Selection of subject areas makes for rich experience
American Preppers Network map of USA (helps preppers easily connect)
Visually interesting

There’s only one and honestly, it’s debatable if it is really a negative. American Preppers Network offers a Gold membership which costs $60 per year. Pay out the $60 and you don’t entry to locked areas because every area is already open to all. The $60 you pay to American Preppers Network gives you access all year to significant discount rates on many products publicized on their site. You can certainly save more than $60 with the discount rates available.
It’s important to recognize the American Preppers Network site is essentially geared to the true, some would say “hard core” prepper. This can be a negative since millions of folks want to take modest steps to protecting their loved ones tend to be not enthusiastic about turning their life upside down or spending thousands of dollars to become a hard primary survival prepper.

The strategy of hard core prepper vs. those looking for modest preparation “just in case” is a really important point. For those who have the time, money and interest to be a hard core prepper I have no issues with that. However, almost all of you looking over this don’t have the time or the money, no matter of your interest in being ready so that you can take it to the hard core level. Most people have an interest in securing a simple level of guidance, a starting point that they can “put their toe in the preparation water” as they commence to take the basic steps to protect their loved ones “just in case”.

Although My spouse and i is admittedly not a hard core prepper My spouse and i know it’s important to build understanding of basic endurance tools, tactics and offers just in case. American Preppers Network augments my interests. I look at purchasing survival skills knowledge not much different from the way I look at auto, fire or medical insurance. You don’t need it until you really need it. Thus a modest investment on time and money now to acquire the information and plan needed to survive is time and money well put in. The first step in building any degree of planning is to gain knowledge; essentially you need to acquire a basic your survival plan. Step two is to slowly commence to utilize that knowledge.

Once you obtain a plan that is where American Preppers Networking really serves a cause. It will be there at any given time… as long as the grid stays on!

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