Charity Hair Donations

Today, just about anything may be make donation to charity. Even hair can be donated. Well the natural way, there are certain requirements to be followed in order to qualify quality hair. This is to ensure that donated frizzy hair would meet the rigid demands of its benefactors. website

One might wonder what donated hair can be used for. It really is mostly used to make wigs for cancers patients who are going through remedy and are shedding their head of frizzy hair. Some wigs are also being employed by those affected by chronic hair loss. 

Though healthful hair may be sold, far more are opting to donate their head of hair to charity to greatly benefit those with cancer. It is just a token that will always be well treasured and common.

The standard conditions set by non profit organizations for those willing to donate their hair is rather simple. First, most charitable organizations accept hair which are at least 10 inches long from tip to idea. Charities ask that contributor bundle hair up in a ponytail or a braid and have them pack it clean and dry. Chemically treated locks is accepted provided that it is not dry or damaged. Nonetheless, virgin curly hair (never permed, treated, or colored) is the best hair to make wigs from. Charities accept all types of hair color given that other requirements are met. Nevertheless it is commonly discovered that brunettes and blonde girls will be the rarest donations received.

However are no promises that all donated locks will be used to make wigs for those with cancer, following the guidelines set by non profit organizations accepting hair donations will certainly bring you nearer to helping a cancer-stricken individual. Hair that will not meet the requirements set by the non profit organizations is usually sold to other industries.

The cost of making wigs may range from $3500 to $6000 apiece, considering the tedious job of making them look and feel as real as possible. Charities usually cover the expenses needed in producing the wigs and having donated healthful hair is equally as important in making them.

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