Cross Browser Compatibility Testing – How Not Cross Browser Testing Affects Your Online Reputation

Net browser compatibility testing noises rather technical and puzzling – something you should to let your web developer deal with. 60 that if your website is not compatible with the plethora of internet browsers available, it will impact your business reputation. Certainly, before you know it there might be Tweets about you, your website could be discussed in Facebook and who knows how many blog posts slagging you off their might be. my browser’s page

Yesterday, my friend Tim Palmer from Marketing Guarantee sent me an email pointing out there was problems with my website mainly because it was viewed in Net Explorer 7. Some recent becomes my home webpage had installed a software. When I checked the page in Firefox 3. 5 and then in Internet Explorer 8, everything was fine. So We continued my humble way. 

The condition for me is that 13% of my visitors use Ie several. That’s a sizeable amount of folks who were no longer able to get into my website. You see, it wasn’t that the web page did not load appropriately, it was the truth that the page do not load at all. Additionally, it did not insert in IE6, representing another 5% of my website visitors. Altogether, the alterations We had made were obstructing around one in every five people from being able to check in with my website.

Pondering I had tested the site by looking at it in the latest browsers was plainly limited. I am aware from my stats program, Clicky, that around 60% of my guests use either Firefox 3. 5 or Internet Manager 8. So when I actually tested my new webpage, I was happy that the vast majority of men and women could start to see the site FINE. I assumed – mistakenly – that if IE8 could begin to see the page, other versions of sites Explorer would also be capable to do so.

Clearly, you cannot check all different web browsers easily on your own computer. If you set up Internet Explorer 8, for instance, it merely advances version 7. In the past week people to my website used 37 different web browsers. To check that my site is compatible using those internet browsers I’d require 37 personal computers…!

Luckily there are services online to help. To get instance, you can go to NetMechanic and get their “Browser Photo” service. Pertaining to a cost of $15 they will test your site on 12 different web browsers. Or if you wish unlimited use it’s $150 per yr per domain. That’s heading to work out to be quite expensive if there are several websites – and with only the 12 main browser/computer configurations being checked, it could leave me short of the 37 I need to achieve.

Other paid services include SortSite, BrowserCam and Cross Browser Screening. But none of them had the right price/feature combo I used to be happy with.

Happily, though, there I actually found a free service you can use. Web browser Shots will highlight what your site looks like much more than 80 different computer/browser combinations without you paying out a cent. Nevertheless the challenge is since it is free, many people are using it it will be very slow at times. You wrap up being in a queue, having to wait around 30 minutes or more to determine what your website looks like in other browsers. And after that it might not work as it could have timed-out.

After much testing and price reviews, I settled after a downloadable program called Multiple Browser Viewer. This provides you with almost 55 different computer and internet browser combinations, but uniquely installations a “standalone browser” system onto your computer. Several only take screen photos of your website in alternative browsers. You aren’t see what happens when you click on something. Although Multi-Browser Viewer will that, it also provides 16 different virtual internet browsers, enabling you to actually use your website in a different browser. This can be proper screening and beats simply looking at images of your site.

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