Evolv Health Review – The Real Story Behind Evolv Health

Develop Health is a new Multi level marketing company founded by Texan Billionaire, Trey Light, that officially entered into prelaunch on October 20, 2009. Trey is pursuing a familiar trend as business icon after business icon take the jump in the Network Marketing area hoping to leave their mark. Evolv health is leading with a nutraceutical beverage with a branded substance called Archaea Working. Evolv Health has chosen to build their business around a binary payment model. Elysium Health

Evolv Health Managing

Trey White – President, committed to the original mental property company in 3 years ago. Is a Billionaire which obviously means tremendous financial backing. Solid and very successful visionary.. but new to Multi level marketing. 

Brent Hicks – Ceo, 15 years of leading and building sales organizations in the Real Estate Finance Sector. Posseses an impeccable track record in Real estate property Finance where he led the industry and was in charge of A BILLION dollars in personal production in 08

Jonathan Gilliam – Chief Promoting Officer, is an extremely printed marketing strategist and business development expert. Was your past CEO of Sound Communications, a leading Net software security company.

Develop Health Products

Evolv only has one product to speak of so significantly, a nutraceutical beverage that contains the active element ‘Archaea Active’, a without color, flavorless formula added to spring water that has been demonstrated to increase oxygen utilization at the cellular level. The company states that the product may enhance nutrient ingestion, speed fatigue recovery, maintain healthy circulation and support a healthy defense mechanisms. The product boasts 15 a lot of Scientific Research and development that Mr. Trey White-colored thought highly enough to invest in the original application company in 3 years ago.

Evolv Health Compensation

Develop Health is built around a binary style payment plan that matures up to 12. 5% on the lesser leg. This kind of is more then normally that top out at 10%. The company also has 9 more ways to get paid. Allow me to share all 10 components that round out a quite comprehensive pay plan.

Selling and Preferred Customer Added bonus
Business Builder Bonus
Fast Start Added bonus
Weekly Binary Bonus
Personal cheque Meet Bonus
Executive Check Meet Bonus
Rank Advancement Benefit
Matching Executive Director Added bonus
Evolv DNA coded added bonus
Benz and Bentley Car Bonus
The compensation plan is fair and solid however I haven’t found an Actual Payout ratio yet which I think is a more informing and significant figure. Various companies never spend their maximum potential because of qualification issues etc..

Develop Health Final Words

By so doing Evolv has a few positives but will likely need to prove themselves continuing to move forward. A very strong Management team is key and if they build a culture “For the Distributor” they may indeed go far. The company is heavily financed, a major bonus as many companies fail because of poor financial resources. The product line is limited to start, nevertheless they do have a trademarked and unique ingredient that cannot be found anywhere else. And at least its not another me too, Fresh fruit Juice Concoction, so a lttle bit of a refreshing change. The very best Corporate team is really low in the Network Marketing Specific Experience so they would be smart to bring onboard more industry depth. At least the resources are there to attract some key players.

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