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Basically More Better?

Students are writing more these times, with blogging, online talks and text messages taking up more time than their traditional homework. You would probably think educators should be happy. More is better; practice is beneficial, right? Project AWOL real review

As a private music teacher for the earlier 37 years, I have seen the effectual big difference between students who are forced to learn a particular curriculum in order to pass examination requirements versus students who play strictly for enjoyment. The latter group plays more… far more, and they play better because they play more. 

I discovered that parents who was adament on pushing and pulling their children by using a strictly classical strategy to get a certificate finished up with a young child who merely tolerated the ‘torture’. These students literally measured down the days to when they could stop. Only weeks after transferring their final exams, they couldn’t remember how to learn a single song.

Get up Up, It’s 2009

Father and mother, teachers, administrators, and staunch supporters of traditional universities need to take take note. The internet and cel phone have changed the way we communicate permanently. People are writing more than ever, creating and sharing more information than ever before, not because they have to, but because they would like to.

Yet, traditional systems believe without formal training in ‘good’ writing and literature, students will suffer. The question is, who reaches decide precisely ‘good’?

In music, Bach laid the inspiration for american music as you may know it today. But Mozart came along and added to that foundation. His music was pretty good, too. After came Beethoven who changed greatly classical music with his bold and daring changes. He was criticized and even cursed by the music aficionados of the day. Now however, we consider Beethoven’s music to be ‘good’.

Name the discipline, whether it is art or science, and you should find that all during history, the associated regulating boards for every single particular field resisted mightily before change eventually was embraced. Think about what would have occurred if such notable twentieth authors such as N. Scott Fitzgerald, Margaret Mitchell, James Joyce, George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, Aldous Huxley and many others freelance writers we revere were limited to write strictly in the style of William shakespeare.
It is the Education System That Must Modify

Today in the information, U. S. President Obama is under criticism for supporting the Charter Institution in Education movement. Intended for varying reasons, communities are rallying parents, teachers and school in education directors to get started on charter schools in their area. They see the current public college system as inadequate and inflexible, leaving them with no choice other than in order to away.

Paradoxically, this wasn’t the intention at all for Dr. Beam Budde, credited with coining the term, ‘Charter School’. His vision was heading to implement change in the current school of education system. His many disciples agreed but simply were unwilling to await through all the bureaucracy and red tape necessary to implement change.

Arguments are readily available that without certain requirements and structures of well-researched institutions, we will surely develop a generation of illiterates not capable of working in society. Yes, this writing style employs a seemingly different language, with chat room and text-speak abbreviations and emoticons slowly more pervasive.
Note to Schools – Resistance is In vain

These however should be observed as options – tools, if you will – no more different than the choices open to artists to use pointillism, cubism or expressionism. Educational institutions must let go of the idea that their way is the better way, or as they more regularly think, the only way.

The internet has indeed opened many gates for the next technology to express themselves. Additional and more, young people are gaining notoriety and even outright fame for their websites and interpersonal media participation.

Educators take note – the next generation is communicating through writing as part of your before. And they are advancing speedily in spite of all the attempts to press and drag them through traditional methods.

I applaud President Obama for taking the need for capturing, radical changes throughout the school systems to community awareness. I admire the courage of the rental school parents, teachers and administrators for re-shaping the education landscape.

Nevertheless , with or without the issue and ensuing struggle, remarkable change is taking place and definitely will continue to do so as it always has for millennia. Without a doubt, resistance is futile.

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