Granite Story

Is definitely granite expensive or are companies digging out wallets?

You know the famous marble story. The depth of the Earth’s crust one. However do not really really know what ‘exactly’ happens in the Earth’s structure to bring us those various colours of the gold rock we call ‘Granite’. Moreover, if granite is merely a rock that comes out of the Global crust, then why is it ‘that’ expensive. Certainly not to mention the reality that its price is actually set according to different colours and hues as well. So, if you need to think of granite otherwise you new investment, it might be smart to know why you are spending a great deal of your money in your kitchen (with no food involved yet! ) Colorado Granite Countertops

No complicated geology draped up

Upon a scenic eruption, the magma (molten lava) flows on the Earth’s surface and then drenches around the dirt into the Earth’s brown crust area. When the magma lowers off, it solidifies and becomes a rock that we call granite. Straight forward, huh? Therefore whenever there is a volcano or a continental shift, you will have an abundance of granitic. Yet, that is not mean that countries that do not need volcanoes do not have granitic. Actually granite is not scarce as a hen’s teeth for the world is quite rich with granite, still finding and mining that granite is what makes it expensive. 

If granite is numerous, what makes it a ‘Rock of Gold’?

Also if i was able to find every one granite mine in the world and get our machineries and tools prepared to cut off all the granite our eyes capture sight of, we still won’t have enough stone to make its price go rather less expensive. Why? Because every time we cut off some granitic to use in our kitchens and round the house, we have to wait for countless years for more granite to be formed. Yes, this is the way slow the process of the magma erupting, cooling down, solidifying and turning into our known granite rock and roll is. However, saving hundreds of thousands of years of your age and having your kitchen that luxurious look is not the sole reason you spend an left arm and a leg for. To get yourself the eye-dazzling look, which makes your guests confer with your expensive stone, you have to be looking for the finely grained granite.

Are there carefully and coarsely grained granitic?

Now, this is another factor you have to manage while looking for granite prices. Finely grained granite has simply spent too much time in the Global crust, took more time to cool and congeal plus its extra forced from the planet earth. Thus, more difficult to find, better quality and durability, hence, more money!

The point is, there is too much in the granite history than we, normal people, usually know about and that allows any unethical company to deceive all of us and empty our storage compartments just because we would not have enough information or experience. It will not mean that we ought to buy geology books and commence studying about rocks before you make our the kitchen. Choosing a dependable and reliable company is a good option.

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