Hard Reset Reviewed (PC)

Hard Reset is a put back to over the top twitch shooters that features tons of opponents and wild explosions. You won’t find any of the new stuff in Hard Reset like cover and regenerating health. This kind of cyber-punk themed shooter portray a captivating world using its stellar visuals but comes flat regarding story and game length. Hard Reset to zero is a single player only first-person shooter but don’t expect almost any multi-player, its not happening. Once I analyze Hard Reset’s presentation it will not have many faults actually. They have more to do with the fact that this is an old school type shooter. This game takes on like traditional Unreal, Severe Sam and Painkiller video games. hard reset

Hard Reset’s story is an afterthought, it makes no sense and at times gets in the way of Hard Reset’s gameplay. I’ll give you a brief synopsis in regards to what this story is about. The protagonist of Hard Reset to zero is Fletcher, proud knight of the corporation as he calls himself. Fletcher (CLN -16) is a hard drinking and hard cussing cheesy protagonist that gets hurdled into a battle against rogue AJE man killing robots. Early on in Hard Reset Flecther learns about a robotic invasion in his sector of the Sanctuary that he protects. After getting rid of a few robots and investigating he learns about Doctor Percival Novak. Novak released the man eliminating robots into metropolis for whatever reason.

Music was fast paced rock and techno that cranked up when action did. Several of the weapon’s looks were interesting. The tone acting was pretty tacky. For the most part the best aspect about the sound design was the city. The rainwater, the sounds of the holograph dispensors, sirens and so forth The city itself presented a great atmophere due to the sound design.

The most unique facet of Hard Reset to zero is its reticle system. You have two principal weapons throughout the complete game, NRG Weapon and CLN Firearm. The retical changes as you replace the gun’s modes. Gameplay is pure quick twitch. You don’t have cover or health regen so your skills will be placed to the test no matter the difficulty. Enemies are software, big, small and medium. Some charge at you while some shoot mortors. Bi-pod bots and small rolling bots can swarm you very fast in Hard Reset. Gameplay will take a hit due to level design and the charging bots. The game at times places a lot of00 small quick bots and large charging bots in cramped areas rendering it easy for those to kill you.

To take out criminal AI bots in Hard Reset you need weapons. This game has you covered with a few imaginative weapons that you is capable of doing combos with. NRG Weapons = Plasma System: Plasma Rifle, Shock – blaster, Railgun, Smart Gun and Electric Mortor. Each marker has secondary and third firing elements that altars each gun. CLN Gun: Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, RPG and Proximity Mines. You can upgrade all weapons and Gear with N. A. N. O.. N. A. N. O. is not easy Reset’s currency and is attained when you kill spiders and discover secret rooms. Green, Yellow, Blue and Red orbs fill Fletcher’s health, shields. NRG rounds and CLN ammo. Employing the environment not only looks cool but is a very effective way with dealing with robots.

After you beat the 5 hour campaign (its a short game) you can play EX Setting. EX Mode permits you to play the game on NG+ with all of your upgraded weapons. Personally My spouse and i don’t think this game has enough replay value since its so brief to get started with. One particular incentive is to open all of the weapons upgrades which cannot be doen in one playthrough. So if you need to see all of the gun’s talents you have to play the game on EX Mode.

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