How to Run a Taxi Service: Why Your Way Should Be the Only Way

When ever running a taxi service, you must understand and remember that your employees are not your friends and your taxi company is your own, not theirs. Harsh fact is that if they can steal a person, if you let them steal from you, they will be stealing a person. If you may track how they carrying out the work – they aren’t going to be executing it the way you want, they will be performing it the way which easiest on their behalf. transfer venezia

You need to install and screen system that are centered on the very fact that motorists and dispatchers will try to steal from you, systems that let you see who will be stealing and who is doing what, so that then you can definitely offer with reality of exactly what is going on in your taxi service. 

You should have a zero threshold policy for the things which shouldn’t be suffered, otherwise you can like the frog in the zero. Here’s the story about the frog in the squat: The water in the squat was heated up up slowly and the frog could have hopped out at the same time, because it has the power to jump out of the water. But because the water was being warmed up up slowly, the frog wasn’t noticing it and when the water finally boiled, the frog perished.

If you do not have a zero patience policy for all the items that your employees are doing the incorrect manner (as defined by you), then you’ll be slowly and slowly but surely cooked properly by them until they ruin your business. This kind of is serious stuff.

In the event you start accepting unwanted behavior, it’s only something of time until it spreads from person to another. You can’t manage this to happen, because it means death to your business.

This can be very serious. We’ve seen companies where some employees are stealing and break free with it. After that you see other fellas, guys that wouldn’t be stealing independently, who look at what’s going on to see every person else taking or disobeying the supervisor. Do you know what? They start burning this behavior, because “if everybody’s doing it and the boss is ok with it, why are I not carrying it out? In the event that that’s how things are here, then let myself play the game”, – in particular when the sport means money in their pockets.

Every this means one thing: you have to have your way of doing things in your taxi company. I am just not talking about some printed manual that offer to your entire drivers or dispatchers to read before they start working, though having such a manual is not only a bad idea.

I am talking about business in general. You have got to have your own way of doing things in your company. It should be conveyed to your entire employees and it should be disseminated as an extremely clear communication. If you don’t have your own way, your employees will have their own way of doing things, whatever these matters may be. And I can guess you that it will not be the way you want things be done in your taxi company.

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