How to Sell Your Old Textbooks Online

A large number of people today have old textbooks that they are not using and almost all of them do not know that they may make some good money from these catalogs. One of the best ways to trade these old textbooks is to use the internet given that most people today use the internet when they are looking around. Selling your old text book online will help in getting a proper sale and at the right price. Many old textbook retailers make the same blunder which is undervaluing their books in order to reduce them. Sellers should also keep in mind that any books they have should be well preserved to get some good money from them. These types of old textbook sellers should know the tips and guidelines that help in selling the books at the right price as well as the right time.


Selling of old textbooks requires the vendor to know the best time to get rid them. The best time of disposing these literature is if they are in demand as this will likely press up their prices. Providing books at the right time also decreases the chances of the vendor becoming desperate due to the long time it is taking to get rid the books which may cause them to reduce the prices and sell them at throw away prices. What to do with old textbooks

The right way to List a Book to Sell On-line 

The first thing you will need to do is to find the ISBN quantity of the publication which is usually at the back as this will be able to provide you with prices on the internet. In case you can’t find the ISBN number you can use amazon. por search engines which allow you to find by game titles thereby providing you the ISBN number. If this search also can not work, you can use the SKU number as an alternative. If you can also not find the SKU number you can take a picture of the book and publish it to the site you would like to sell it from. Pictures are the best selling points as this shows a potential buyer the true state of the book. You should also always ensure you are honest when listing the health of your publication. In this case you’ll certainly be given options to illustrate the situation your book is in which will include brand new, almost new, good, acceptable and poor.


You should be able to ship away your book within the next day or two after obtaining payment for the reserve. Here you need to be able to have researched for the various shipping options available from your area to the buyer’s area. You should also make sure that the shipping company you use is reliable in order to avoid ay shipping compliments from the buyer. Here you also need to keep in mind that almost all of the sites that allow you to sell old textbooks online will give you a report on the service you have provided in line with the feedback they get from the possible buyer so you need to ensure that the shipping of the book reaches the buyer in time in addition to good condition.

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