International Trucks – The New Luxury Living

Think about driving a truck that has all the recreation of any high class hotel. Typically speaking International pickup trucks have always stood for quality, at least in the mind of many truckers. What commenced as a reputation for quality and dependability in a medium truck will soon take a venture into the luxury driving genre. International Navistar will soon be adding a partial truck to its retinue that far surpasses nearly anything ever released before. international trucking

The new semi is arranged to be released within simply a few weeks and will resemble the light duty International pickup pickup trucks from the 1930s. These types of trucks which were called the D-Series were highly popular through the 30s in the United States. The series was built for functionality and strength and featured an extensive grille. The LoneStar will highly appear like this popular blast from the past in design. However the bonus features that will be executed are something more important entirely. 

Truck drivers spend a lot of your energy on the road. Just about all of their working several hours are actually done inside the truck. This is why it appears very important to develop a pick up truck interior that will promote comfortableness relaxation as well as efficiency for the job. That is merely what International has been doing with LoneStar. Imagine having traction control, a standard ABS, leather steering steering wheel, plasma screen DVD player, a Monsoon audio system (with eleven speakers) and even a separate amplifying device and subwoofer. Oh, and a Bluetooth hands free capability just adds to the luxury of this truck. Combine all that with the very fact that the sleeper unit is a high-rise with wood floor coverings, a sofa bed, turning chairs and a distinct work area with laptop capabilities, a microwave and a mini fridge, not forgetting the dash layout that will have you thinking that you are generating a Cadillac and you will definitely want to spend more time while travelling in this one.

The new International LoneStar is set to go on sale in May 08 and deliveries are expected to get started by fall season 2008. With all the amenities they have added to this new luxury model, it will not at all be surprising if International trucks become even more popular than Freightliner in the future. Intended for those truckers who choose a little luxury while they work, the LoneStar is unquestionably living among the high class. Only be careful not to get too attached to the luxury features. All things considered, you need to go home someday.

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