Internet Access Speed and Future Technology

Various millions of men and women the world over crave for faster and more reliable Gain access to the internet. The demand and needs become increasingly more insatiable. private internet access netflix

You are and or soon will keep an eyesight out for faster, better and more reliable Net Broadband. As your requirements grows so does your must have an improved quality service. In addition to we want the best but at a lower cost than before. 

So which country at present provides the most effective and most reliable Internet Gain access to and what does the future hold. Broadband is becoming increasingly more went out with and there is repeated issues for many hundreds of thousands of folks with either Down load or certainly Upload rates of speed. You can also get problems relating to distance from the closest exchange, peak time traffic, contention issues and a whole myriad of other challenges. Who needs these problems anyway! We just want sensible investment in future technology.

As the US invented the web will the US provide the best and most effective Net Access? No definitely not. The US ranks no more than 8th in the world would you believe. Persons might feel that Japan would be No. 1 – well Japan is not a. 2 and Sth Korea is in truth No. 1 for high speed Internet Access.

The comparisons between South Korea and the US are many and varied. The reasons for South Korea being No. 1 are as follows:

-The Govt was very committed from the start – over 10 years ago.

-Densely populated in urban areas – 1, 200 people per square mile

-High rise apartments are more predominant

-More competition

-Publicly funded

-Cheaper cost every month for individuals

-Long term program commitment

-Over 77% of population associated

However the reasons the United States is lagging behind is as comes after:

-Government was not formerly committed 10 years back

-More sparsely populated country – no more than 88 people per square mile

-Many more people are in indifferent or single homes

-Greater distances between homes and the exchange

-Less competition

-Privately financed

-Higher cost per individual, per month

-Over 76% of inhabitants connected

There is now an absolute need to move to Fibre Optic cables which provides considerably faster and more efficient high rate Access to the internet. The big challenge is the price tag on doing so. To the south Korea is the first in the queue. All their Internet speed will be 10 times faster than it is now and their already No. you. The US Government has a new Internet project but it’s taking a long time to allow them to get their act together.

Pertaining to all our sakes specifically what is required now is much faster, dedicated access and provide all of us with a quality service at a far more reasonable cost.

Dedicated 1 to you access with 100 Meg speed would be wonderful right now. Mr Received Lee in downtown Seoul already has it as well as almost all of his neighbours! Providing you have a decision then get to where you’re going fast with quality Fibre Optic cabling. Lets hope many of us will get this option soon with dedicated access and no contention issues.

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