Pharmacy Technician – What Exactly Do They Do

Getting a job you want is not like choosing what course to take in school or what dish you want to be served. It’s definitely much harder. At least in college, you simply need to sacrifice 4 – 5 years of your life, unless you’re inclined to take it further and get a master’s level. But choosing the right job can potentially influence you for lifetime so one must choose knowledgeably before making a decision.¬†click here

In this article, we will explore the job description, requirements and qualifications needed to get a pharmacy technician.

The first question you should ask is… what is a pharmacy technician and what does a pharmacy specialist do? To begin with, a drug-store technician is not a pharmacist. A pharmacist must have a degree in pharmacy. On the other hand, a pharmacy specialist isn’t burdened with the same requirements and tasks.¬†

In a nutshell, a pharmacy technician is an assistant pharmacist but has job tasks one step higher than those of a pharmacist aide.

Let’s break down the official description of pharmacy technicians’ job title into two parts. The pharmacist or drug store aspect of the task requires you to have a functioning knowledge of drugs and medicine. A pharmacy tech must know the big difference between cough tablets and aspirin and enjoying the knowledge to navigate the fine series between headache pills and tablets to help alleviate PMS plus they must also be able to deal with the fundamental businesses of a pharmacy if the pharmacologist is on holiday or nowhere fast to be found.

The technical aspect of the job also requires the pharmacy technician to have exemplary organizational skills and they may be also be asked to label medicine baby bottles and categorize them under the right name or group – the 100 magnesium label must go on the 100 mg bottle of wine. Just one error, one tiny oversight could bring about very negative consequences for a patient.

Other duties include being able to work pressurized because there will be days that the drugstore or drug store where you work has people lined up to get their prescriptions loaded.

Like a pharmacy technician, you will also be in charge of supplying aid to accredited pharmacists as they supply patients with medication and other healthcare products. A highly trained, competent pharmacy technician must therefore be knowledgeable enough to suggest alternative brands for off the table medication but alternatives for approved medication is exclusively the obligation of qualified pharmacists.

A pharmacy specialist is sometimes instructed to perform certain manual tasks like labeling bottles, counting pills or doing inventory. In some areas of the country, the duties of a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist aide terme conseill√© so don’t be shocked if on occasion, you conclude being asked to complete tasks meant for the latter. This could include acting as a cashier, answering phone queries, stocking shelves and other clerical duties. While there are several pharmacy specialist duties that a druggist aide can never perform, there are few pharmacologist aide tasks that a pharmacy technician cannot perform.

The job duties of a pharmacy technician may differ depending on type of business the pharmacy they work at is found in. For example, a pharmacy technician is usually assigned to deal with purchases sent through courier or even email in a mail order pharmacy and after verification that the order is appropriately and properly filled up, the pharmacist technician is then needed to do the real counting, weighing and blending of the prescription.

In the other hand, in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and so forth a pharmacy technician may contain the additional tasks of record filing and the updating of patient data files – individuals related a patient’s medication.

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