Police Force Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun – Product Review

Simply because recently as 10 years ago, stun guns were just that-self-defense products for personal safety used to stun assailants. Now they are so much more than that and often at a lower price than at any time before. In this article we will do product review of a tactical flashlight stun gun therefore you can see what we’re speaking about. best flashlight ever

Stun devices have always been popular as self-defense products but with improvements in technology they can do many more things than just stun an enemy. The Police Force tactical stun flashlight is a good example. 

It utilizes triple stunning technology which allows the electrical fee to alternate between three separate contact points on the top of the unit. This makes an extra loud noise when triggered, enough it can possibly scare away any opponent with the sizzling, breaking sounds it makes or the sight of the sparks flying back and forth between probes.

This kind of is a 7, 000, 000 volt personal security device that was created to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, military and security pros worldwide but for the very first time is now available to civilians for private protection. It is made away of an aluminum metal that is military quality for a shock-proof exterior that has etched ribs on the handle to ensure a strong grip.

The ultra-bright flashlight can briefly blind an assailant making it simpler to apply the stun device to disable him. The improved design has the safety switch and a start button on the same side of the unit which allows you to quickly activate the unit and turn off the safety.

There are three levels of protection that have been built in such as the on-off switch that needs to be in the on position, the function selectivo switch which must be in the starting position and a trigger that must be pressed ahead of the stun gun will operate.

Both the stun device and the flashlight are fully rechargeable which makes this a cost-effective and eco friendly “green” self-defense product. It includes a holster and a wrist strap to facilitate carrying.

Streetwise, the manufacturer, is so confident of this product and the product quality that went into making it, that it has a lifetime warranty.

That is a thorough product review of the Police Force tactical stun flashlight manufactured by Streetwise.

We should note that stun devices even though they are extremely popular, are not legal in all cities and claims or foreign countries. Seek advice from your local police section or various online resources to be sure they may be legal in your area before you buy one.

The Police Force 7 million volt Technical Stun Flashlight is not only a good self-defense product but a great source of emergency light.

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