Set the Stage at Your Own Puppet Theater!

Generate the “What If’s” in your child’s world.

Fictional or Pretend Play – annoying quite like it. Take a peek inside of your child’s thought processes. Get a glance into their chances of a job. Listen to their feelings his or her testimonies unfold using our toy puppet theaters. These creative playthings unveil the other than conscious and allow for free expression. puppet theaters

You can create wonderful memories “on purpose” for your young ones by trading in these creative gadgets, whether it’s a desk top puppet theater or a no cost standing puppet cinema. These toy puppet movies building allow children to explore uncharted territory. The escapades than can be created are limitless, only limited by our imaginations. 

Envision is such a great word. It invites the “what if’s” into each of our worlds. Assume you are an….

Camper discovering a new world. Is there life on this planet? Are there people? What language do communicate? Is it a language unknown to all of the rest of the world? How do they look? Now, that can really spark the imagination, the “what if’s”.

Race Car Driver – What if they journeyed the world winning competition? Discover how they would take care of success. Would they be humble? Would they be aggressive?

Guru – What would they need the Usa States to look like in their “what ifs”? Would they have concern for those in need? Would they be conquerors?

Mother or Father with their family?

King or Queen?

Come see the play at the kid’s puppet show theater! Let the drama begin! Allow the information be revealed. Invite your children to think new thoughts, dream new dreams and tap into the world beyond your four walls.

After retiring from Chrsyler Provings Grounds 14 years ago, I flipped to my passion of woodworking. I have combined with my wife to make frames for her abstract art work. In addition to these hobbies, we decided to create a business online that interested both of us so we chose to sell wood playroom furniture for childrens that is also, oftentimes, hand-painted and even sometimes side carved since it struck both areas that we get interest. We also love children and thought this is a way to provide nurturing experience for them, their friends and families.

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