St-Petersburg Public Transport

THE GENERAL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IN E PETERSBURG is excellent! The city hosts an complex system of buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis, petty taxis, marshrutkas (small shuttles) and everyone’s favorite, the community. The system usually works smoothly and quickly, with one being able to get to a vacation spot without a problem. The machine of public transportation in St Petersburg fits like a glove in the city. The city itself is quite big, but along the busiest pavements of St. Petersburg, one can use public transport to get to a destination even in the worst traffic in a reasonable time. This all being said, the only problem is how to determine getting from one destination to another. הובלת ארון וספה


The city system in St. Petersburg is actually beautiful. Its areas and halls are decorated with marble, paintings, and other beautiful fixtures that make every station unique in its own sense. It is by significantly the busiest form of transportation in the city, but the most popular and the speediest form. With tokens designed for twenty-five rubles for one way, it proves to be a valuable but populated commodity in the city. It is a great way to find the deepest metro in the world, as the lane go below the estuaries and rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg. Multiple use playing cards are also available for purchase. A number of the nicest areas are Nevskiy Prospect, Plosshad Vostaniya, as well as some of the newer stations in the metro system. Each stop is marked with several maps, that are in English language and Russian. Also, there are signs that transmission which strategy to use to find a different line if the station has exchanges to other lines. The metro is easily findable in the street, as the stations are proclaimed with a tiny sign with a blue “M”. Promoters handing out flyers, normally have small metro maps on the back of adverts. But travelers beware; pick and choose pocketing is a threat in the metro, as hooligans and small teams of teens especially concentrate on tourists.


The bus and trolleybus systems in St Petersburg are also very good. Although one may have to await a few minutes in the day to catch a bus, the buses usually come regularly and are a dependable way to get you where you want to go. The fee for one way on the busses is 21 rubles, which you can pay when you enter the tour bus. Some of the new buses are fitted with televisions and electronic indications to share with you where you are going. On the windowpane in the bus will be a sign proclaiming which stops the tour bus is likely to make on its quest. The tiny bus stops also have signs stating the stops the bus will make. These buses have a number on the leading or side, if there is a K before the number, it is a commercial bus or marshrutka.


Trams in St. Petersburg are usually located a little further from metropolis center. That they run in ordinary traffic on the streets, but sometimes they are free to travel by themselves paths. The fare for the trams is 21 rubles. These are more comfortable than buses and trolleybuses, as they don’t always travel in regular traffic. You could find the destinations of the trams in a window with an indication stating all the ceases on the way.


Cabs in St. Petersburg are like in any other city. From your airport, they are incredibly expensive. But if you find yourself out earlier midnight, the metro, busses, and trams usually all stop working. So the smartest choice is to find a taxi or petty taxi. Petty cabs usually can be waved down, and are usually operated by people who just want to make a little extra cash. This is the hardest form of transportation in the city, as one can be ripped off by the cost, or if one does not speak progressive Russian, than it is strongly recommended to use a different form of transportation.


The marshrutkas, or small shuttles, are simply everywhere in St. Petersburg. They are small buses or vans that take people to a certain vacation spot all around the city. These vans or vehicles are usually marked with a K, then a few numbers. Marshrutkas are typically a quick option for transport, but can get crowded. The drivers are not the most careful in the world, as you can find yourself going from one aspect of the van to the other quickly. Clear turns to the individuals are not important. Simply getting to the vacation spot in good time. The cost for a marshrutka is usually around 31 rubles. There are also marshrtukas going to Finland from Plosshad Vosstaniya, which are quick and quite comfortable. They cost around 30 euro but are convenient if you no longer wish to consider a train.

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