Studying for 70-534 : Oracle Database 12c: Essentials

Transferring the Oracle Database 12c: Essentials exam (70-534 ) will earn exam applicants the Oracle Database 12c Certified Implementation Specialist certification. It will likewise make them an OPN Certified Specialist in Oracle 12c if they are employed by a company that is part of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). Partner companies with employees who are certified as OPN specialists gain a higher level of specialization in the OPN program. As such, this credential allows you to a more attractive employee to companies that are section of the Oracle Partner Network. 70-534 dumps

The 1Z0-497 exam is a stand alone test and is not part of any trail. To earn the related documentation requires only passing the exam. There is no required training or other pre-requisites. The 12c database will be Oracle’s flagship product for several years to come and this exam will be a popular one for some time. This exam covers a lot of the same matters as the 12c data source administrator track but does indeed not require the same depth of knowledge. Having said that — it also would not provide the same level of prestige. While this qualification generally wouldn’t be a direct stepping-stone to a position as a DBA, it may lead to a job with an OPN company that you can use in working towards employment as an Oracle DBA.

Because with any Oracle qualification exam, your first step should always be to visit the issues page on the Oracle University website. The OU topic lists are always complete and will provide you with a roadmap of precisely what you need to learn when studying for quality. The exam will never cover any material that is not in some way related to the topics listed there. The 70-534  exam has fifty-two subject areas broken into twelve different subject areas. Areas covered by the exam include the following:

Oracle Data source Software
Administration & Settings
Oracle Database 12c New Features
Maximum Availability Architecture
Backup and Restoration
Administering Users and Security
Software Installation and Maintenance
Oracle Data Structures
Oracle Database Instance Structure
Oracle Multitenant Architecture
Oracle Network Architecture
The exam has eighty-five multiple-choice or multiple-answer questions. You will have a maximum of one-hundred and twenty minutes to resolve all of the questions. The passing score is seventy percent. Oracle exams have no partial credit for multiple-answer questions, they are either right or wrong. Questions that are left unanswered are counted as incorrect. For this reason, you should always answer every question on the exam — even if that means picking an answer randomly.

Available on the Oracle 12c documentation website is a 2-Day DBA manual. Reading this article book would make a fairly terrific starting point in preparing for the exam. A good deal of the information in that book is on matters relevant to the test and the coverage level is comparable to what you will be asked. The Oracle Learning Library has several interactive tutorials that go hand-in-hand with the 2-Day DBA manual that can be useful in preparing for the exam. Candidates who know practically nothing about Oracle might want to browse the Oracle Concepts manual first in order to get a firm grounding in the various elements that make up an Oracle repository.

This exam covers a number of subject areas to a fairly shallow interesting depth. The exam does not require applicants to have comprehensive knowledge of any single objective. Once you have obtained the issues from the Oracle University or college website, utilize them as a checklist when you prepare. Concentrate on learning an acceptable amount of information about each topic rather than attempting to become an expert on any single topic or group of topics. Only after you are comfortable that you understand them should you schedule the exam. Good luck on the test.

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