The Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve costs can become extremely high and virtually placed safely out of the way for many people. Because this surgery is fairly new many insurance companies will never cover the costs of the surgery. Some insurance companies are actually picking up a percentage of the cost as they observe the advantages of the surgery. With the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery achieving close to $10, 000 and very few insurance companies covering at least part of the costs, many people who need the surgery for health related concerns cannot get the surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery Cancun Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Breakdown of Costs

Contained in the price tag on gastric sleeve surgery are: 

Hospital fees
Surgeon’s fees
Anesthesia fees
Pre-op laboratory work
X-ray fees
Charges for any follow-up appointments
Costs not included in the original cost include:
Post-surgery care such as nutritional vitamins and supplements, behavior modification, exercise, and diet guidance.
Various other bariatric surgery that may be needed such as duodenal switch and gastric bypass surgery
Human body contouring surgery for the removal of excess skin, improving loose muscles, body lifts for saggy areas, or to treat any sort of fat deposit. These types of surgery include a full body lift, breast lift, breast reduction, panniculectomy, breast augmentation, breast enhancements, or labiaplasty.
With any follow-up surgeries, the more fat and skin that needs to be removed the higher the cost. This is due to longer surgical time and many more doctor appointments.
The Factors that Influence the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are many factors that impact the cost of gastric sleeve surgery. Some of these factors include the following:

Depending on where you live the cost could be significantly higher. The cost for this surgery is significantly higher in urban areas and large metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and New York City as surgeons are in higher demand than in non-urban areas.
According to your health plan, you could be required to cover all the costs associated with this surgery if they do not cover it.
Cost also depends on whether you are utilizing a surgeon or hospital that is considered and in-network provider with your insurance company if they happen to be covering some of the costs.
Price will also depend on set up procedure is done as an outpatient procedure or an inpatient procedure. Inpatient procedures will cost more as an overnight stay is required.
If you need intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal sleeve surgery but are not able to afford the costs of the surgery, talk to your surgeon about payment options. If your insurance provider does not cover any percentage of the price tag on the surgery, take a seat and figure out a payment plan that you can feasibly afford. When you meet with your doctor, present this payment plan to him or her and find out if he or she can work with this plan. To get people who need the surgery for health related concerns, obtaining some type of documentation from your doctor regarding the requirement for this surgery could be helpful. If you are able to get documentation from your doctor make an effort to submit your written request along with documents of need to your insurance company; this could work to your benefit where the insurance provider could make a decision to pick up a portion of the cost departing you with a far lower amount to get the surgery that is needed to keep you healthy.

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