The Hidden Layers of Disney’s Movie “Enchanted”

At one time, not very long back, Disney came up with the movie “Enchanted” which used story lines from previous Disney Princess reports. The plot focuses on Giselle, an archetypical Disney Princess that is forced from her 2D-animated world of Andalasia into real-life Fresh York City by the Evil Queen Narissa. Thanks a lot to the ingenuity of the writers, there are several layers to this movie. If you have seen the movie, there are a few references that you have noticed, some you may have noticed and some references that only the most diehard Disney enthusiast would have caught. kissanime

The evident layer: 

The storyplot is most similar to Snow White colored, as it has an Anxiety Queen, played beautifully by Susan Sarandon. Queen Narissa is the stepmother of Prince Edward, the two dimensional love interest of Giselle. In both tales, the poisoned apple takes on an important part, and the likeness of the old hag is almost identical. A very funny part of the movie is where Giselle makes a decision to clean up Robert’s house with the aid of the local animals, which this circumstance are rats, pidgeons and cockroaches. This of course is just what White does indeed when she sees the messy house that the Seven Dwarfs reside in. Close to the end of film production company, True Love’s Kiss is in order to waken Giselle from the curse of the poison apple.

In addition, Cinderella very plainly is needed during the Royal Ball landscape, and her footprint is left with the transparent designer shoe. The fairy godmother in Enchanted is very Robert’s American Express greeting card, which supplies all the clothing Giselle needs for the ball.

Towards the end of the movie, the spectacular alteration of Queen Narissa into a fire breathing monster is very similar to the transformation of the villain Jafar in the movie Aladdin.

The delicate layer:

There are several scenes in the movie that contain exact parallels in the other Disney films:

-In Central Park, there are a few mere seconds which show Giselle and Robert in a fishing boat which looks similar to a scene in the limited Mermaid.

-Later in the same Central Park scene, you will notice a girl with a candelabra on her head. Seem unusual? This is a jerk to Lumiere, the candelabra in Beauty and the Beast.

-While singing “That’s How You Know” in Central Park, Giselle works up a small, grassy hill, her arms expanded out behind her. You may recognize the likeness of this shot to “The Sound of Music: The Hills Are Alive”. Additionally there is a similar shot to this in “Beauty and the Beast”.

-A research to another classic movie occurs when Giselle and Robert visit an First-rate restaurant for dinner. The restaurant may seem to be a bit familiar. The restaurant is Bella Notte, which is from “Lady and the Tramp”.

-Characters from previous Disney films are seen, including the appearances of Thumper and Flower from Bambi in the 2D cartoon area of the film.

The layer most people will miss:

Jodi Benson, having the voice of Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid, ‘ was in film production company as the receptionist at Robert’s office.

When Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) is in a resort room watching TV, in which moment when Paige O’Hara [voice of Superbe from ‘Beauty and the Beast’] shows up on the TV display screen in the soap safari. The soap-opera music is ‘Beauty and the Beast’ rearranged.

Legislation firm Robert works for is called Churchill, Harline and Cruz who are the 3 songwriters from ‘Snow White’.

Pregnant Woman with Youngsters: Judy Kuhn provided the singing voice of Pocahontas in Pocahontas.

Julie Andrews as Narrator: Andrews performed it character in Martha Poppins as well as appearing in The Little princess Diaries series as Full Clarisse Renaldi.

According to director Kevin Lima, “thousands” of references are made to past and future works of Disney in Enchanted, which serve as both a parody of and a “giant love letter to Disney classics”. As Lima worked with Bill Kelly, the copy writer, to inject Disney recommendations to the plot, it became “an obsession”. That they derived the name of every character as well as anything that needed a name from previous Disney films to bring in more Disney recommendations.

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