The Top Real Time Strategy Games

The change of games over time brought nothing but shooting upwards pleasure and satisfaction to all gamers of all ages. From the two dimensional style of Top Mario Brothers and Pacman, there came Street Mma fighter and Mortal Kombat. The rise of Sony Nintendo wii and other gaming games consoles brought two dimensional gambling to another leap-the 3 dimensional gaming. War, activities, arcade and most especially strategy games suddenly jumped like mushrooms in the rain giving gamers a gaming paradise where they can make any game they want. Today, the game playing industry visited a higher ground when they produced real time strategy video games. Real time strategy, or RTS, games give players a premier down perspective on the overall game and where they can navigate the maps of the game and its scenarios. RTS game titles, as its name implies, are non-stop and performed in real time. Players can simply access the game any time of the day and meet other gamers instantly everywhere in the world. The following are the top real-time strategy games today that are mostly played by gamers all around the globe. Clash Royale Gold & Gems Generator

At the top of the list is Warcraft III-a game about the clash of your race, the undead and the orcs. It consists of the balance of ability among the list of three races and their continuous battle to determine who will reign best. Aside from the key emphasis Warcraft III, it also contains mini-objectives all of which is often played in real time. 

Another famous timely game is Age of Mythology. As the name suggests, it is established in the ancient times where Gods and Demi-Gods still control and influence the human race. With this game, you have to determine you own civilization and choose whose God you want to side in. This God will help you win battles and conquer territory. This could be enjoyed single player or online where you can challenge other players in other states.

Next is Surge of Nations where you have got to create a colony beginning with the ancient times to the modern times. The game gives the myriad of changes in technology and diplomacy of states in several time periods. You can compare and contrast the strategy how people deal with conquering territory from the ancient times down to the ultra-modern times we have today.

An extra to the famous real time strategy games is the lately published game by Courant called Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. This game is the sequel of the overall game Starcraft: Broodwars. Today, it’s the most played Genuine Time Strategy Game in all the countries throughout the world. Presenting the Terran, Protoss and the Zerg competition, Starcraft 2 brought the game within level by adding up new character types, buildings and exciting tale line.

Real time strategy games are as interesting and fun as it can get. The gamers’ regular demand for better and more exciting video games brought game developers to test and pushed them to revolutionize the video gaming industry that players enjoy today.

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