The Volkswagen Values: Performance

Frequently people have said the exterior of your vehicle will catch their eye first. Whereas that may be true, it is actually the interior that are certain to get and keep a rider or a potential buyer. Whereas conveniences and design are incredibly important, there are actually other things that make an automobile attractive. Items such as fuel overall economy, safety and quality are important, as well as performance, which is what is under the cover that will give a more exciting driving experience. We mean things like transmissions, engines and suspension systems, plus other performance accessories that VW is well known for. Automatic Transmission

What VW is dedicated to reaching for the driving force are vehicles that mimic the Autobahn like conditions, which take a lot an excellent source of class performance. As a matter of fact, combined with the values of design, quality, environment and safety, another of VW’s core values is performance, which is emphasized in all vehicles they produce. By now, you are probably wondering what sorts of performance options VOLKS WAGEN is offering. Take a glance below and read about several of the things you can get to make that happen Autobahn like conditions. 

you ) Turbocharged.
Ever ponder the way to get more power from an engine that is small? Just turbocharge it. It is a reality that all VW models come with an option for a turbocharged engine to give you more performance, now you can think of it as “practical performance. ”

2. Brake Cornering.
The outstanding engineers that work for Volkswagen developed something called the XDS Cross Device System, which can use the brakes not only for stopping, but also for cornering. Most people rightfully say that tires are for stopping, yet, in VW models, brakes can also help you part your car better.

3. Whether it is the Golf R, the GTI, the Jetta GLI or the Beetle, there is a plethora of things VW offers on their specialized performance models that are just what individuals are looking for to increase their driving experience. You will be able to quickly accelerate up the countryside, zip around curves easily and enjoy the driving experience to the max with your VW performance model.

4. DSG Performance Transmission.
For individuals that are looking for super-fast products changing, have a look at the eight VOLKS WAGEN models that come prepared with the DSG Efficiency Transmission, which you can get in either a manual or an programmed transmission. This transmission will not only choose a generating experience more exciting, but it will be more fuel efficient because the faster you can change gears, the better gas mileage you will get. This information only covers VW’s value of performance, but this DSG performance transmitting can even be listed under another of VW’s core beliefs – environment.

Yes, Vw considers performance a key core value, and they put the right equipment and accessories under the hood to help achieve the top driving experience possible. As mentioned before, performance is merely one of the key core principles of this automaker, there is also environment, design, safety and quality. If perhaps you are considering discovering additional information, stop in at your local VOLKS WAGEN dealer today. And, bear in mind to come back here soon because we will have additional articles to emphasize the other four Volkswagen core values.

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