The Water For Gas Movement – Don’t Let it Fade

Water for gas revolution business lead mostly by water4gas appears to be fading a little. Specifically considering that the price of gas went down. Now while I’m truly glad gas prices have gone down, at the same time, I am not as happy about the truth that this subject is losing popularity in the mainstream.

I have done intensive research and screening with this subject and have concluded that by using a system such as water for gas, can certainly be an excellent gas saver. This may also help to reduce our smoke and environmental problems. Gas Tech, KLAW LNG

Making use of Hydrogen and even Fresh air to the air/fuel combination of a vehicle can significantly raise your gas mileage while also greatly reducing the hazardous emissions coming away your tail pipe. This kind of technology of using normal water (converted to a hydrogen/Oxygen gas, H O) as an added fuel product has been around for many decades. And evidently this technology have been kept in check. It probably has not been contouring to the interests of those who stood to get rid of substantial profits from it being learned. It’s very easy to be applied to the functions of a vehicle that most people would be able to do it. 

With the gas price increases this Spring/Summer it gave opportunity for this technology to be widely heard about. A movement sprung on from water4gas and some other sources to push on this technology, that if applied, can give better gas mileage that help save our environment.

Thus what are these claims water gas technology? The standard objective of this water gas technical system is to add Hydrogen to your air/fuel mixture. Why? Because Hydrogen could make your gas lose faster and more effectively.

The need to try this is enormous. The gasoline in your engine only can burn about 1/4 of your gas, and 3/4 of your gas becomes lost energy… That’s right!.. The gasoline in your car only burns with about 25% efficiency.

Why is that? It’s simple, the gas does not lose fast enough… in time that it has to do it… That is certainly one big factor in the equation. If your gas could burn faster it would make your efficiency quite a bit.

There are also elements at play that result in a poor efficiency, but, the short amount of time your gas actually has to burn off is a huge player.

Hydrogen speeds up the burn up. With it, your gas can burn a lot more effectively. That’s the whole idea behind water4gas in a nutshell. I realize that there is quite a lttle bit of “scientist type people” away there that say. It requires more energy to produce the Hydrogen ( through electrolysis ) then the energy you get from the Hydrogen itself.

Very well I’m not going to argue with that, but, they have missed the point. That has little or nothing to do with the objective of the water4gas system. Although the immediate energy that the Hydrogen itself adds to the mix is a vital, the primary objective of adding the Hydrogen is to get your gas to burn faster and more efficiently.

On top of that, most water4gas systems don’t use much ability anyhow. It only requires 1 ) 75 v to produce Hydrogen ( H O Gas ) and a 5amp pull is usually optimum. That is less than many components on your vehicle. Which the benefit that Hydrogen adds. Burning your gas faster. Doing this you’re utilizing more energy from your gasoline, and not simply losing 3/4 of computer.

Hydrogen is a very clean using up gas.

That’s right, Hydrogen is very clean using up. In addition, it multiplies this clean burning property to the complete mix… The improvement to your emissions is quite substantial… With water4gas you not only add Hydrogen but you also add Oxygen… Water… (H2O)… when effected by electrolysis, produces a gas… ( They would O )… Hydrogen and Oxygen. Oxygen also provides a benefit for this combination. 4%, and any ratio above that, of Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen will ignite explosively with a flame set to it.

All you need is 4% and boom, it is going to ignite. The point Now i’m that making with this would be that the oxygen applied with the Hydrogen in a water4gas system does not hurt it at all, but it actually helps things. But are not looking for an explosion, but for the gas to burn faster. Fortunately the saturation of gasoline in the mix eliminates the explosive effect. That leave us with, simply a really fast burn… And who la, recover you will be able to save on gas…

Well that is it. A brief justification of how installing a Water4gas, Hydrogen on demand system, can help you to save money on gas. You may turn your vehicle into an excellent gas saver. Plus decrease your exhausts.

There was a whole lot that we all have learned from the Water4gas movement. Our dependency on foreign oil has not gone away. Those who caused the gas prices to go up this summer, mixed dough by choice. They were not forced to raise the prices. From then on, they altered up and decided to start out producing more oil which brought the gas prices back down.
It is known that they did not like the truth that we were starting to look for other options to buying their oil. Well, I actually just hope that we all have learned some lesson, and that we still search for choice energy methods. That’s the key reason why I pardon that the water for gas alternative or the Water4gas movement is falling away slightly. To learn more you can go to my website.

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