Things to Consider When Installing a Pentair Intelliflo Pump

Swimming pools which have been improved to a Pentair Intelliflo are much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than patients using single rate pool pumps. Many times the installation can be tedious due to the fact that this is such a powerful and technological pump. We will assist you through the process so you can also enjoy a lower energy consumption from your pool. Pentair pumps

You will obviously need to take out your current pump in order to replace it with a new setup. The changing speed pump is large so make sure that it will fit on your equipment pad, proportions can be found on Pentair’s product brochure. The moment choosing a location hanging, choose the one that is out of the elements whenever you can. The electronics are incredibly delicate, so you want to keep as much water away of the motor and control box as possible. 

Make sure that the electrical wiring can take care of the amp draw of the Pentair Intelliflo when operating at high velocity to circulate the most amount of swimming pool drinking water. Having faulty wiring can cause shorts and can eventually damage the hypersensitive electronics. Now would be a good time to also check the breakers. At full speed this pump draws 16 amplifiers at 220 volts.

If you are ready to redo the plumbing, check the suction and pressure lines for any bad glue articulations or unnecessary flow limitations. Air can be sketched into the plumbing if there are faulty links on the suction range which can cause the pump to operate badly or even fail to prime. Bad joints on the pressure side will cause water to drip out. Always use assemblage attached to the pool pump to enable you to make up for minor errors in your plumbing and also so the pump and motor can be removed without having to slice it out of your plumbing. End up being prepared to let the glue and silicone dry out for a fair amount of time.

The Pentair Intelliflo has a very complex control system. Just before you run the pump, make sure you read the manual so you will have an improved idea how the pump operates. Due to the fact that this is a variable rate pump the greatest energy savings are accomplished by running the pool engine at the minimum possible velocity. Generally, you should move the complete amount of going swimming pool water for sanitization reasons. Some choose to run the pump at a higher speed for around an hour or so in order to clean the surface water better.

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