Top Bike-Friendly Cities in the World

Have you ever ever been to a city where one of the key types of travel was via bike? A large number of people of all age range around the globe use a bike his or her major source of transportation because it’s cheaper, environmentally-friendly, healthy and easy. When by using a road bike it can be speedier option in many cases.

We’ve compiled a set of cities around the world which may have a high bike use every capita and have a great system in place for urban bikers. These types of bike-friendly cities strive to keep their biker residents happy very safe. 

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen and its particular people are a group truly devoted to the bike. Having a culture that has a third of the population commuting on cycle combined with a local government that offers free rentals and dedicated lane, Copenhagen is our #1 choice as bike-friendly towns.
Amsterdam, Holland
If the Dutch know how to do one thing, really bike. Amsterdam is known world-wide as the best motorcycle capital of the globe. The location features a significant population of bikers of all ages and occupations on the road at any time. The Amsterdam city government also encourages bike use with motorcycle rentals, cyclist-only lanes and bike traffic signals.
Basel, Switzerland
Residents of Basel love biking and that can blame them! With country of fruit trees and grapevines complimented by graceful shops and buildings together with a health-focused population, it comes as no surprise that around 25% of Basel’s residents travel on 2 wheels. The location promotes cycle use with bike lane, traffic signals and accommodations.
Florence, Italia
As the birthplace of the Renaissance, it is not a wonder that Florence holds biking culture. Adding to their bike culture is the large population of school students that regularly commute to and around campus by bicycle. Florencia has separate bike lane which are bi-directional and colored for simplicity of use.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a town devoted to bicycling. Even in the winter frigidness, a sizable population of this city commutes by bike. There are numerous of facilities for bikers such as indoor storage, city bicycle lanes, and trails. In contrast to many Europe, bicycle head gear are traditionally used and highly encouraged in america.
Bologna, France
Whether you’re visiting Bologna or are an everlasting person, riding a bike is the simplest and most effective way to get around. Bologna has a network of cycle paths throughout the city. The city has various routes that contain less motorized traffic creating a safe place for riders.
Munich, German
Even though Munich is a sizable city, drivers and bikers seem to be to coexist very well along the busy lane and streets of this city. Munich has over 124 miles of motorcycle paths and marked off sides to shield bikers. Simply remember, bike theft is common here, so be certain to keep you cycle locked.
Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg is an excellent bike-commuting city; with beautiful green landscapes and Baroque architecture, Salzburg is designed with over a hundred and five miles of motorcycle routes and 23 scenic cycle routes. Salzburg also offers self-service stations throughout the location with free tools, bike stages, lubricating oil and compressed air. There are also 5, 500 parking places designated just for bicycles.
Bogota, Republic of republic of colombia
Bogota is Latin Many most effective growing bike-centered city. Bogota has its own bike path networks intentionally connecting all regions of the city. This system contains main, secondary and complimentary networks. These work are in location to offer residents an inexpensive, much healthier and more sustainable life style that appears to be embraced well.
Portland, Oregon
People of Portland have always cherished themselves on their regular use of bicycles to get around. With all the natural beauty and the overall tree-hugger culture, it is no surprise so many chose to bike. With separate bike lanes, bicycle racks and a household area that thoroughly helps biking, Portland is a great city to get around on two tires.

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