Touching God

Considering that the moment in time that humans believed something much bigger than themselves led the universe and their lives the search started; where is God? This individual seemed so distant in many of our instruction. Is He a substantial being who exists so far-off from us that only a booming tone of voice from the heavens could allow us to notice from Him? So many people have searched in so ways to find God or even to define Him. Is This individual real? Was it all a great hoax? is god real?

The search to find The almighty has taken many to faraway lands confident that it would be much easier to find Him in an unique culture or where another person may have said they found God. The search has been on for eons of time; how do we find Our god? Can we touch Him? 

Trying to find Our god in all types of places is like looking for you outside yourself. You search faces and places but still you can’t find or identify what you are looking for. This kind of search has seemed to be less than worthwhile because the searcher is seeking something outside of themselves that is comprised within.

The soul of every human is The lord’s occurrence within, belonging to God, always. Your intelligence belongs to you however your soul belongs to Him. It cannot be separated from you. You touch the essence of the God within when you seek things that touch your soul. Revealing wish to strangers, reaching away when no-one else will, building faith within yourself and others around you, striking the broken… all of these actions touch our soul.

Beautiful music, looking after nature and animals all help us touch that part of ourselves. We all touch God when we make use of a love that is far greater than ourselves and dare to express it by thinking in something higher than themselves. We touch God when we tap into the loving energy that is God and act after it. Staring at the sunrises and sunsets and absorbing the natural beauty that is before all of us all are an phrase of God that heightens us and helps all of us touch the essence of God that exists within us.

Perhaps you have ever discovered a beloved pet that suddenly sees their own reflection in a reflection? They bark or get, many attacking the cup, sure that before them is some stranger. Possibly in the absence of scent or anything that would alert them, they believe what they see. Is it doesn’t same with humans. It is easier for us to accept that God is ‘out there’ somewhere, looking at all of us from a distance than to imagine that we are a mirrored image of Him. God is us, not somewhere distant watching us. We are one and the same with Him, existing through His grace, returning to His consciousness when our journey is over.

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