VUDU Streaming Movies in 1080p and VIZIO Internet Apps HDTV

DIFETTO Internet Apps HDTV offers razor sharp high description tv set with advanced encircle sound. It’s a perfect platform to watch loading 1080p movies from VUDU. newest movies app

VUDU — an innovator in the world of ultra high definition loading movies

VUDU offers a growing number of it is hd movies in razor blade sharp VUDU HDX format — 1080p video with Dolby Digital Plus 5. 1 audio — suitable for watching on VIZIO Net Apps HDTV. VUDU boasts to have the most significant 1080p library of online video on-demand movies available everywhere. In January 2010, VUDU had over 3, 1000 HDX movies — more than any other HIGH-DEFINITION collection, even Blue-ray. (VUDU suggests that you require at least 4. 5 Mbps broadband service to enjoy its streaming HDX videos. ) VUDU offers the most recent Hollywood releases the same day they are available on DVD. Every new releases are available in 1080p HDX. 

VUDU has licensing agreements with almost every major movie studio and a large number of impartial and international distributors.

Not any subscription payment is required — rent or buy what you watch.

VUDU is about to become a subsidiary of Walmart

Walmart sees a big market for streaming movies and Net tv set applications. With it is recently-announced acquisition of VUDU, Walmart says it is bringing VUDU’s “revolutionary service, ” “digital technology, inch and growing HD “library of video on-demand movies” under the Walmart marketing powerhouse. This deal will also allow VUDU to stay to develop and improve its platform.

Walmart will undoubtably give VUDU more marketing exposure to the growing volume of potential customers for Internet linked HIGH DEFINITION. Walmart’s claim to “lowest prices” will put price pressure on other content providers, depending on VUDU’s future prices.

The brand new VIZIO Class XVT Series Internet Apps HD TV is available now

DIFETTO has become the prominent producer of high quality, affordable big screen Tv sets. It features user-friendly design and integrated Internet-connected features.

The new VIZIO BY MEANS OF models come in 42-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch models — with 802. 11b dual band wireless and Ethernet connectivity. Each collection comes with an progressive remote with a BY WAY OF button to instantly trigger the Internet Apps ipod dock which shows along the bottom of the display screen. Choose from VUDU and many other content providers and instantly watch your choice. The remote has an unique keyboard that allows convenient interaction with Internet applications.

With a blazing refresh rate (240 times a second) and advanced brightness and audio technologies, VIZIO Internet Applications HDTV is an excellent system to the age of Internet-connected high definition television set.

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