Watersport Hot Spots Around Essaouira, Morocco

The other agents is fast becoming a haven for watersport fans with kitesurfers, surfers and windsurfers all flocking to the country’s northern shoreline.

The spot around the historical fortified town of Essaouira is heralded as the destination to be when it comes to enjoying high swells and strong gusts of wind, as well as getting active in the growing community of surfers in the location. hobie mirage eclipse price

Yet depending on your sport of extravagant, there are different shorelines you can head to that are all near Essaouira and offer different experiences. Although, it is safe to express that you can enjoy just about any watersport on all the beach locations.

Make Space for the Beginners

Essaouira beach is perhaps the major and the most popular in the area that is why you will frequently find people trying away surfing or kitesurfing for the first time there. The often mild gusts of wind give enough scope for beginners to learn but also allow regulars to enjoy some decent measured waves.
Cluttered around the beach is also a veritable network of restaurants and bars which regularly house watersport enthusiasts talking about the days surf.

The Surfers Paradise

Safi Seashore, which is near Essaouira Beach, enjoys a few of the more robust winds and excellent swell, which is why you will see so many viewers in Morocco heading to this particular beach.

Deal with La Grotte along with your Kiteboard

A ten mile trip out of Essaouira will take you to a secluded spot on the coast known locally as La Grotte (the Cave). Here the top waves make kitesurfing excellent like you can enjoy ample air time to perfect your tricks with the table. It really is rarely crowded which is why regulars enjoy the spot so much.

Whatever extreme watersport you prefer, the coast around Essaouira can accommodate you. Explora Morocco offer lessons for beginners and equipment for more experienced kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers.

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