What Are The Success Rates of Vasectomy Reversals?

I want to guess, you had a vasectomy and you now wish to have more children. Or perhaps you have re-married and you would like to get started on a new family with a new spouse. Vasectomy reversal methods are not a sure bet, in the hands of a good physician you can achieve a 45-60% pregnancy rate. The success rate of your vasectomy reversal rely upon several factors which we will be covering in the following paragraphs.  vasectomy reversal gold coast3

The first factor in deciding the success rate of your vasectomy reversal is the technique used in the reversal procedure. The most successful procedure is the Vasovasostomy. Treatment attaches the vas deferens again together and has the highest rate of success. Usually this procedure has success within the 50% draw in reaching pregnancy. The second approach is the Vasoepididymostomy. This method re-connects the vas with the epididymis and is much more complicated. This process has a lower performance around the 30-45% symbol.

The other success factor is amount of time that has approved since the vasectomy. The success rate decreases the longer it has recently been since the vasectomy took place. Typically if you possessed your vasectomy under 36 months, your chances of pregnancy are above the 70% mark. While if your vasectomy was over 9 years, your success goes down in the 35% and below mark. Not saying the reversal won’t be a hit, but the chances are less you will have higher success rates in pregnancy.

The third factor is the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure. Aside from the method and the span of time from the vasectomy, the skill of the surgeon is critical in assuring success. Produce sure you interview or receive a referral from your physician. You will want to rely on someone that is relied on an specialized in treating vasectomies.

Should you be looking at a vasectomy reversal, it usually takes up to doze months after the change to accomplish pregnancy. It can in fact take up to a couple of years occasionally to regain fertility after the procedure. In some circumstances high is not primary success and second change can be carried out with a skilled Physician. Be sure to don’t give up, you may want to get a second view if the first process did not work.

In summary, vasectomy reversal functions are an affordable option and should be considered. Be sure you consider the top three factors for your success before you have the process performed.

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