Xpression Fabric Displays

Since alternatives for the traditional pop-up displays, Xpression exhibits are unique three dimensional fabric displays that are quite popular for their many advantages. These impressive control show displays are also attractive, as they are made from stretchable tension cloth of catchy colors and designs to draw customers to your booth. Below is a short take note on the Xpression textile display cabinet and why it is increasingly preferred over other available choices. Display

Unique look and design

This is an unique three-dimensional screen cabinet that can screen changeable graphics on a fabric attached to it. The framework of this display cabinet is made of aluminum and stress fabric, both of which are light in weight. Its unique design provides out an advanced and tasteful check out the customers and permits instant set up of the unit at trade show displays conserving considerable time for the organizers. Perfect as background scenes or display units for a variety of occasions and trade shows, the Xpressions fabric display is available in various sizes and can be personalized to be able to shapes like a block, rectangle, pyramid etc. 


The Xpressions displays can provide both indoors and outdoors, making them functional for all varieties of events like trade shows, promotional occasions, and other business functions including product launches. Because an added advantage, you can use a quantity of different graphics in one display of this product, since it is made of small individual graphic units that are simple cheaper to replace.

Light and portable and convenient

Compared to the other varieties of control show display units, Xpressions are lightweight and simple to set up. The Xpressions display cabinet is a ready-to-use trade show device that can be create within 5 seconds, simply by snapping the frame at the desired place. Since they are composed of aluminium and stretchable tension textiles, the Xpressions fabric shows can be carried to any place easily, and can save you on the shipping costs.

Price effective and easy to keep up

The cost of the Xpressions display cabinet differs on the basis of its size and the graphics applied to it. Even so, when compared to the normal pop-up displays and panel displays, these are cost-effective because they are durable, reducing their substitute costs to a huge level. These fabric displays are also easy to maintain as the strain cloth used in it is machine-washable and retains it graphic quality for a long time, thus, making them recylable at a number of trade shows.

Eco-friendly control show displays

The materials found in Xpressions fabric exhibits are completely recyclable, making them 100% eco friendly. In addition to that, almost all of the graphics published on the material are also made of recycled material, lowering the toxic waste from it. Because of their lightweight design and framework, these display units also cut down the power usage that is required for shipping heavy panel exhibits and pop-up display products, thereby reducing your and also carbon footprints.

Xpressions are the most innovative, convenient and environment friendly fabric exhibits you can use to save a great offer of money, time and energy that would normally need in setting up a traditional display case. Choose this kind of display for your next trade show or display to make an enduring impression on your customers.

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