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In the current digital age group, bringing one’s personal home page online is very important for many who want to reach countless potential customers around the globe. The fastest way of launching your business online is to create a website.

When ever people visit a website, the initial thing they see is the Home Page. The home page welcomes guests and tells them the particular website is about, which is why a lot of people call it the “Introduction” or “Welcome Page”. Names apart, a home page is one of the main aspects of a site. One should think of it as a “capture” page. That is meant to encourage people to know more about your business by visiting the key part of the site.  

Building a Personal Home Page

2 things should be given weight when building a home page: relevance and overall appearance.


The moment people go to a website, the initial thing they look for is relevance. There’s a sizable quantity of information available on the web, but people don’t have plenty of time to linger on each web site. Rather, they skim through internet pages. If one website noesn’t need the information they’re looking for, they close the site and jump to the next one. For example, if you are looking for mountaineering gear, the first you need is whether there are hiking gears for sale on the site. If there is none, you click another website. When creating a homepage, include contain a concise summary of what the site is about-what are the products or services you offer?

Websites aren’t limited to big companies. Business professionals providing specific niches (e. g. photographers, writers) can also create a personal webpage to inform potential clients of their expertise.

Past human visitors, you should also consider search engines when creating a personal home page. The home webpage is the most seriously weighed page by search engines when evaluating websites for relevance. You are able to build the most attractive looking web page, but if it is buried in millions of search results, then your target customers will not likely likely find you. Be sure to include relevant keywords to increase its ranking by search engines.

Overall Physical appearance

A home-page is to online business sites as a business card is to traditional businesses. It really is your personal branding tool. When a webpage looks dull, jumbled, or the fonts too small, and it offers visitors the impression that you cannot be relied on for quality products or services. What you want to do is make a positive impact on people right away. In the event that your homepage is graphically attractive, people will more likely be enticed to determine more about your business.

For people who do buiness professionals, a great way to create a personal home page is to include an accounts picture. This also raises people’s trust in you as a business professional. You can also upload social media sites that you use can be to visit as well as animations or show videos where appropriate. Avoid overwhelm your visitors though by putting too many graphic images. In this way a cluttered-looking site, so include only the most essential ones.

A homepage that produces the best impact and high customer retention is the one that appears good and answers customer needs. Design it in such a way that it will drive potential customers to your website and then keep them.

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